(VIDEO) Edna by Atieva prototype goes 0 to 100kph in less than 3 seconds!


Edna is a prototype whose powertrain was taken from a Mercedes Vito. The electric vehicle won for the second time a fantastic drag race, which was held this month. The race was against a BMW i8 and a Dodge Viper this month and against a Tesla S and a Ferrari California T last month.

Who says nothing is possible without perseverance?

Edna is a Mercedes Metris that Atieva uses as a powertrain development vehicle. A former Tesla executive who wants to transpose the Tesla model founded Atieva in 2007. For the moment, Atieva has managed to seduce by their performances since the Chinese carmaker BAIC will probably help them to build their own electric vehicle.

Atieva said Edna did 0 to 100 km (60 mph) in 2,94 seconds and added, “Since the last test we have been poring over the data looking for ways to further enhance low-end acceleration. “

The company did other tests: " We have also been working on the motor control strategy at higher motor speeds. AC induction motors, which are currently installed in Edna, require fine tuning at all motor speeds in order to extract maximum performance.

Powered by two electric engines, a lithium-ion battery pack with 87kWh, Edna can reach up to 900 horsepower, without much difficulty. Since the first test, things have changed:

 Until this month the team had been focused primarily on the low-end, but with the performance now approaching maximum potential we are extending this tuning beyond 100 mph.”



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