Nissan: a revolutionary prototype with a cruising range of 600km using SOFC technology


Nissan, the Japanese carmaker unveiled the prototype of a clean vehicle powered by Solid Oxyde Fuel-Cell (SOFC) technology.This is an interesting option for Nissan since the latter wants to offer more electric vehicles, powered by bio-ethanol in the future.

The prototype is equipped with a clean engine, efficient, easily supplied and powered 100% by bio-ethanol or plain ethanol blended with water. Nissan is one of those carmakers that shows consistency and efforts to offer vehicles that don’t pollute and release CO2.

A source of energy for the future

Bio-ethanol fuels are provided by the sugar cane industry or are made from corn. They are renewable and more and more sought-after by carmakers, that what an alternative choice to using diesel. The president and CEO of Nissan Carlos Ghosn made the following statement at the presentation of the prototype at the headquarters in Yokohama, Japan: “The e-Bio Fuel-Cell offers eco-friendly transportation and creates opportunities for regional energy production…all the while supporting the existing infrastructure. In the future, the e-Bio Fuel-Cell will become even more user-friendly. Ethanol-blended water is easier and safer to handle than most other fuels. Without the need to create new infrastructure, it has great potential to drive market growth.”

The specifications of this prototype

The prototype has a cruising range of about 600km if not more according to the team that built it. The main battery’s capacity is 24kWh and its source of energy is electricity and ethanol. Regarding the tank capacity, the prototype is said to be able to hold 30 litres. Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell technology will be tested on public roads in Brazil, which means mass production will not start later on. We note that, renewable fuels are mostly available in America and South America where authorities have put in place strong infrastructures.

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