Mercedes-Benz : The first Urban eTuck to be sold by 2020


Mercedes-Benz is one of those carmakers who have placed sustainable mobility is a priority. The Urban eTruck, which was presented in July, is designed to deliver goods in urban areas of cities. Specialists are saying that the etruck will compete with Tesla’s full electric truck called Tesla Semi.

For the moment, the Urban eTruck is just a prototype vehicleand it will be released on the market in 2020. With this vehicle, the German carmaker will be placed on an untapped segment (transport of goods).

A truck with advanced functions

Its two electric engines are placed near the back tyres, near the wheel hubs, with 335 horsepower. The three lithium-ion batteries (212 kW capacity) in a modular package are mounted on a chassis. Thanks to batteries with crash-proof properties, which provide range of up to 200km, the vehicle is able to make at least one full trip around the city. The Urban eTuck is therefore in competition with other electric vehicles that have a range of up to 250km.

However, it was said that the vehicle could have better range due to extra features that can be added in case the trips are longer and the capacity needs to be extended.

According to the German brand, the vehicle should be charged from a station with 100 kW plugs allowing the vehicle to fully recharge in 2 to 3 hours. Despite the presence of two electric engines, the Urban eTruck is 26 tonnes. We note that attempts to reduce the vehicle’s weight were made by using aluminium for the wheels. In addition to this, the zero-emission vehicle is almost silent in operation contrary to other vehicles with thermal engines.

The majority of carmakers are more willing to offer to consumers a cleaner choice of vehicles without compromising on the level of performance.

Other players on the market

Tesla is not the only electric carmaker on the segment of electric vehicles that is being careful watched. The French brand Renault is also well positioned on this segment. Indeed, since 2011, the Electric Maxity by Renault is available for purchase and other brands such as Audi recently announced their intention to release similar electric vehicles. Audi for instance offers a design that is more futuristic, whereas its peer Mercedes-Benz stays classic in the designs, and is at the same time offering premium quality. Mercedes’ strength resides in the choice of strong engines and its aesthetic spirit.

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