Hong Kong: The city prepares to host electric touring race in October 2016


After the end of the FIA Formula E that didn’t go unnoticed in London, Hong Kong is getting ready to host the electric touring race of 2016-2017.  The event will be organised in partnership with the Formula Racing Development (FRD) named « official partner » for this challenge held next October 8th.

The e-touring challenge is the most followed electric touring race in the world. It’s mostly the first motorsport to be held in the city of Hong Kong sine the latter decide to be more influential in the motorsport world. If the is a success, it is certain Hong Kong could become the organizer of other events renowned and make it a tradition.

For electric-car lovers, it could be surprising to them to see Volkswagen’s e-Golf on the racetrack instead of the Nissan Leaf or a Tesla car.

In order to prepare for the event, the e-Golf will undergo a few changes at the hands of the FRD to prepare it to perform and adjust safety parameters. The changes will include modification of the roll cage, , brakes, racing seat, , wheels, and rims. In addition, some upgrading of the fire extinguisher will be done in order to meet racing safety standards for the race.

The race lovers will have a first glimpse of the e-Golf either by images or videos, starting August. The organizers promise a race full of action and unexpected twists and turns.

The Automobile Association of Hong Kong will act as judge for the participants, grading them three times. Firstly, the e-Golfs will qualify themselves twice in a 15-minute test drive, then, a 20-minute final race will take place.

The drivers will race on existing roads and will pass by important landmarks of Hong Kong known internationally on the Harborfront.

Tickets are already sold out, however the organizers have made the decision to triple the size of the grandstand seating.

Hong Kong has never generated such keen interest for a motorsport race in the last 30 years. We wish them to have a successful event next October 8th.




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