Get a glimpse of the future with Schaeffler’s futuristic four-wheeled e-bike!


Schaeffler is always on the look out for visionary concepts to bring into life.  Known for its innovative approach in designing, the company introduced a four-wheeled bio-hybrid e-bike last March.

The good news is that the four-wheeled e-bike can be operated without a driver’s license, all thanks to a pedelec drive system limited to 25km/h, but it can also be ridden on bike lanes as well. It doesn’t have the disadvantages of a common bicycle, which doesn’t provide weather protection or storage space for instance. In summer it convertible and when it rains; it uses an intelligent rotation solution to protect the rider form the rain. It is has a variable luggage compartment for those shopping days in the city.

Hybrid characteristics

It speaks to « digital native », as it allows smartphone connectivity. This shows how Schaeffler is aligning with other e-bike makers who are introducing “connected” bicycles on the market. The team that designed the e-bike admits to having done some benchmarking.

The futuristic e-bike weighs 80 kg, not really heavy, but one needs to understand that its offers a mix of sportiness and comfort. In the city, one can even park vertically, due to its light frame structure and a drive unit that can shift to rear axle.

Mobility of tomorrow

 The four-wheeled e-bike has 50 to 100km electric range, which is rather standard for e-bikes nowadays. It promises higher traffic safety, which is reassuring for parents given that it has an integrated child seat.

Schaeffler knows that consumers are slow to adopting such means of transportation as they are out of the ordinary. Furthermore, since the bike lanes are not the same width in every city, therefore this product cannot be ridden everywhere.

However, we can admit the concept appeals to all the senses, and enables sustainable mobility no matter the weather.


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