(VIDEO) The Citroën DS E-Tense spotted in the streets of Paris


The DS E-Tense is a concept-car presented at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show, since it showed-up  at various events including Goodwood recently ... We surprised this beautiful electric sportscar this morning in the streets of Paris, in movement during outdoor shooting!



This stunning prototype very modern / futuristic design could line-up as potential competitor to the i8, DS wants to demonstrate the combination of innovation and design that characterizes the DS range ... The car is beautiful in motion... We surely want one!




Its two electric motors announce 402hp and 516nm of torque in total with a 0 to 100kph in 4.5 seconds. Despite a weight of 1800kg, range is announced at more than 300km!


For several weeks it is said that the car could be released in limited production as a DS flagship brand, or at least serve as inspiration!
Indeed, the boss of DS Performance Xavier Mestelan Pinon announced in early July to the British Autocar magazine that they seek to develop hybrid and all-electric performance cars and the E-Tense has been created in this sense, should we hear a competitor of the i8 by 2020?
To be continued!


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