Nikola Motor, already a success, thanks to its innovative powertrain


Nikola Motor is following the footsteps of Tesla, but at a much bigger scale. The company is waging on an electric vehicle just like their mentor; Tesla. But, Nikola Motor is more ambitious since they want to launch an electric-hybrid truck. Currently, it’s a success due to the 7000 orders (for a deposit if 1500$ each) already registered even though the semi-truck is still a prototype.

The secrets of the unusual semi-truck

Dubbed “ Nikola One” the gigantic truck made of metal with 6 wheels, has 2000 horsepower, with a high autonomy of approximately 1900 km. Every wheel has its own electric engine that is supplied in energy by a 320 kW battery, which is connected to a natural gas turbine.

Regarding equipment, Nikola One has more to offer. Firstly, it offers a 360-degree view for easy driving and a comfortable cab area, which is a third more spacious than other diesel engine trucks. Moreover, there is a 15-inch touch screen to control the vehicle as well as 4th generation Internet network and Wifi. This gives added value to the semi-truck.



The buyers aren’t discouraged by the selling price

Cutting-edge technology has a price they say. Indeed, the electric class 8 semi-truck is sold in the USA for an amount of 300000 to 360000€ (4000 to 5000€/month) according to the configuration and chosen options by clients. This is 4 times more expensive than diesel truck engines.

Nevertheless, there is a reward; free fuel for the first million km reached, for 100% of the monthly contract of all owners. For the same distance, a normal truck needs approximately 500 000$ of fuel and maintenance.


Nikola Motor’s boss is concerned about this quick success

An outrageously high price for the vehicle won’t stop buyers, given the enormous amount of orders registered 6 months before sale (which will take place starting December 2016 in Salt Lake city, Utah, where the company is located).

In light of this popularity, Trevor Milton, boss of Nikola Motor Company can’t hide his enthusiasm. He said, “ Our technology is 10-15 years in advance compared to other FEO equipment makers regarding energy efficiency... We are the only FEO who have non-polluting tracks…The only ones who registered 7000 orders, that’s a total of 2,3 billion dollars, just 5 months before we showcase”.

The latter can’t hide his ambition either, he declared, “ We will overtake the current leaders of the market such as Daimler, PACCAR, Volvo and Navistar with orders in 1 to 2 years.

We showed other FEO and their shareholders why they should be nervous about the Nikola Motor Company.

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