Volkswagen designs a unique model to compete with the Tesla model 3


After the huge Dieselgate scandal that tarnished Volkswagen’s image, the company apparently wants to improve its reputation for customers as well as for the competitors. In a way, the company wants to do some renewing, by concentrating on the design of its own non-polluting vehicles. By 2020, the company should sell about 20 non-polluting electric and hybrid models (with a plan to ensure the production of some 500,000 batteries per year over that period).


One of these models, a CUV (Coupé Utility Vehicle) that is still a prototype, is supposed to compete with the new Tesla model 3 that is already successful, since more that 370,000 pre-orders have been registered.


Tesla will produce the electric crossover in 2 versions similar to the coupé, planned to be sold in 2019 and to compete with the electric sedan. The CUV has common features with the Tiguan CC, and the other version, designed for families looks like the new generation of the Tiguan.


Their strategy doesn’t just stop there, Indeed, a part from selling the CUV, Volkswagen plans to make a multi-segmented offer: a city car, a sports version and a family-designed car: in short, the electric car will come in all shapes and sizes in order to gain market shares.

On the other hand, to satisfy the growing need for new generation electric batteries, the company would like to build a “gigafactory” in Germany similar to Tesla’s in Nevada. This project will need an investment of tens of billions of euros, the company has yet to confirm this rumour and they still have to find a partner.

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