(VIDEO) Selection of design bikes and e-bikes - cycling guide 2016 - LikeBike show


Several times a year we make you share our favorite bikes – mostly on the occasion of Eurobike - whether classic or electric (pedelecs) - is this time at the LikeBike show that we searched for novelties and have selected some pretty cool ones!

Note also that it was the second edition of the LikeBike Monte Carlo, an initiative that we welcome with a distinctive selection!!

Let's start with our biggest crush, the Bellitanner NYC Cab (named like that for the bike couriers) with a beautiful geometry that is also very efficient, with a shorter wheelbase for a more rigid and quick frame.


There is an electric version and we sincerely love it with its Zehus kit that does not pollute the lines and limits to the maximum the overweight with only 3.5kg more, and 30 to 50km of range for an assistance of 250Watt and torque of 20nm. The weight of the Bellitanner NYC e-bike is not announced but with its carbon fork it should not exceed 15kg!

The electric Bellitanner is the most expensive of the range at € 3,890
FYI each model of their bikes (5) are available in electric version!


Then, let’s put forward some beautiful French initiatives after the Chopper electric bikes named Hot Road we presented yesterday, here is an electric all-terrain bicycle very close to the motorbike look and even performances!

BHT Bike from Marseille

Carbon, Kevlar and aluminum are the ingredients of these fully suspended frames, "haute couture" frames designed and manufactured in France who receive multiple power levels from 250 to 1000Watt in 36 and 48V starting at 3900€ for a complete bike, the frame only is also available !



In the same vein but from Italy Independente

Two options a chopper and a cross style respectively dubbed Cruiser and Camu, 350watt motor and range of 80 to 100km!



The crazy and romantic Belgian Ecce Cycles

Designed by the architect Pierre Lallemand for "urban elegance," whose price is fixed at a steep € 7,900, it is built by Ridley
The Ecce Opus is available in wood or carbon

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