Hot Road french chopper e-bikes and pedelecs


Here is a French electric bike novelty that comes from the Paris region, the brand Hotroad with interesting designs and a very bike inspired looks for two frames, the Chopper and Racer models.


These bikes in the pure chopper style highlight the frame’s design with the electric components hidden in aluminum casings with fins: the battery on the top of the frame and the electric motor close to the crankset.
Few information on the genesis of the project or its designers but they have been working on a prototype for months to get in early 2016 to these two cool designs! The sportier Racer (as its name indicates) and the Chopper more "Sons of Anarchy"


The frame and fork are designed and manufactured in France, it takes 3 to 4 months to create a bike, each copy is a unique model, fully customizable: engraving, frame finish...

Prices start at 3900 € for the bike without an electric motor and two electrification levels with in-wheel or close to the crankcase, battery of 12 or 15 Amp (45 and 60km of range) at respectively € 5,400 and € 7,800 this version is even receiving an automatic gearbox NuVinci Harmony
Optionally you can choose LED lights, saddle, accessories, electric motor and more powerful batteries!



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