(VIDEO) Navya Arma, the non-polluting, autonomous, French shuttle bus. The future is here!


The EDF nuclear power plant in Civaux (West of France) is the pioneer in carrying its employees sustainably. Civaux is the first industrial site to acquire electric and autonomous shuttles, which are used on daily trips between the various zones on the 220-hectare site.


Check out this exclusive technology below:

The secret to the first autonomous vehicles ever sold in the world


These shuttles were made and conceived in only 2 years by Navya, a company in the Lyon (East Central part of France). They don’t depend on man to be driven or supplied in energy in order to move!


This performance is due to the leading-edge technology included in the vehicles. In addition to this, the intelligent shuttle can recharge itself; using induction this means contactless technology. Also, the shuttles are heavily equipped with sensors so they can move silently on a precise path and avoid obstacles on their way. Considering that 90% of accidents result from human error, safety is indeed ensured here.


The Civaux power plant is considered an example with regard to sustainable mobility


EDF encouraged its employees to be greener by offering them preferential prices for a range of electric vehicles of Renault-Nissan; one of their partners. 150 employees of the nuclear power plant already owned non-polluting vehicles. At first the initiative allowed 112 tonnes of CO2 per year to be saved. Now with the arrival of the 6 shuttle buses, which will replace old buses with had polluting thermal engines, an extra 40 tonnes of CO2 will be saved.


The initiative has environmental benefits; time will be saved and employees will see their the average waiting time divided by 3 as a result. From an economic standpoint, productivity gains are estimated at 3 million euros for EDF since there is no driver to pay, low maintenance costs, less waiting time etc.


This achievement is an example set for other industrial sites, and even other type of organizations, which pollute daily and unnecessarily only for short distances. The Navya Arma shuttles could be the key to contribute toward safeguarding the environment.


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