The “Super 73” Electric bike takes us back into the 70s


Here is a project from Lithium Cylces which is now financed on Kickstarter. With 1000 watt of power, “the Super 73” is a powerfull electric bike that packs plenty of "hip" functionalities, SoCal way!

The bike has been imagined in 2015 by John Akers, co-founder of Lithium Cycles while he was finishing his Law degree. The funding of the project already reached 200.000 $. The inspiration for the bike definitely is the 70's and the cool way of life.

A powerful and all-terrain bike

With 1000 watt of power, the bike can reach a speed of 50km/h and there is no need for a driver’s license. Apart from being powerful, the motorbike is also all-terrain thanks to its wheels that are 10cm wide. The bike is equipped with two high quality disc brakes for maximum safety.


Practical and clever

The high quality lithium battery of “Super 73” can be removed and is rechargeable at home or at work. It only takes 4 hours to recharge and get a 20 miles range. The frame is made of high quality steel covered by a layer of thermosetting polymer powder that is scratch-resistant and weather proof. An LCD screen was placed on the handlebar allowing you to choose between 5 power levels, check the speed, your kilometers and journey time. You can also pedal thanks to the pedalling assistance. The bike houses a charger with a USB hub, a cup holder and even a bottle opener.


Price ranges

For 1.899 $ you can book your motorcycle here and get it in the south of California, or, for a few dollars more, Lithium can ship it to your country. The two options are available for clients who want their motorcycle in October.

You can buy an additional battery for you to take longer rides for only 400$. If you wish to have an LED front light and reflective wheels you will add 100$. If you wish to customize and choose your own color, you’ll need to add an extra 300$.


Article by: Ruellan Guilain 

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