(VIDEO) Storm Pulse - The first electric touring motorcycle has 380km of range


The University Storm Eindhoven - specialized in developing electric vehicles - unveiled a prototype of an electric motorcycle.  The team will also organize a world tour in 80 days to prove the efficiency of electric mobility and their electric motorcycle.



The Storm Pulse

Storm Eindhoven unveiled an electric motorcycle prototype. It is the first touring electric motorcycle which uses a 28,5 kWh modular battery pack with an impressive range of 380 km. The electric motorcycle weighs 340 kg, can achieve maximum speed of 160 km/h and its battery can be changed in just a few minutes.



A team of 23 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology have been working together since September 2014 to carry out the challenge.  The students who are specialised in different fields focused on the technological, public relations and logistics parts of the project. Numerous partners such as Tom Tom, Panasonic, Coquille or KTM followed the project.


A world tour in 80 days

The team will demonstrate their new prototype this summer during the Storm World Tour. Also, the team will take advantage of the occasion to start a world tour in 80 days with the prototype. It should be mentioned that the Strom prototype will be charged from normal household plug. All of this will be done to prove to the world that electric mobility is possible and necessary.


A distance of 40,000km will be covered in just 80 days starting this August 2016. During the tour, several events will be organised to promote electric mobility, involving the government, companies and households.


Ruellan Guilain

Par Technologic Vehicles
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