(VIDEO) Renault's driverless car plan and tech


The French car brand has been designing prototypes of autonomous cars for several years now. We’ll explain everything you need to know about the research, project and sale of their futuristic car straight out of a science-fiction movie.


Renault very active on researches concerning their driverless car and its design. Today the project is still quite unclear, but may become reality as Renault unveiled the dates of sale of its driverless cars in a recent video. Let’s face it; the autonomous car is soon coming!

2018: a computer controlled vehicle with advanced tech

In two years time, Renault will sell its first computer-controlled vehicle with advanced tech. The car will be driven on motorways during any traffic conditions. As soon as the assistance system is activated, the vehicle itself will ensure the different driving dynamics. This will be done thanks to a front vision camera and a radar-system that allows objects and lines on the ground to be detected in real time. However, with this version, the driver will leave his hands off the driving wheel and stay alert in accordance with the law.


2020: Eyes off, hands off

In 2020, Renault will go a further step by offering the « Eyes off, hands off » driving option. As its name suggests, the system will allow drivers to not drive at all. They will no longer need to keep their hands on the driving wheel; the driver can indulge in any other activities. Since the vehicle is connected to a real-time HD mapping system, the car’s system can propose the driver routes on which he doesn’t have to drive. Such progress is only possible due to presence of multiple sensors present in the vehicle. The short-range, medium-range and long-range sensors allow the vehicle a 360° vision which can identify objects in the zone without any possible error.


The dashboard will display the view of the surrounding area. In stand-alone mode, the vehicle will be capable of moving according to traffic and staying in its own lane. In case another vehicle comes to fit in its lane, the autonomous vehicle slows down if necessary in order to keep a safe distance. The driver will know in advanced when he’s reached the end of an autonomous driving zone so he can regain control over the vehicle.


Another step further

The French car brand wants to offer driverless cars to its customers. The vehicles will be capable of being driven on any motorway, whatever the traffic conditions. The autonomous cars will change lanes safely thanks to long-range peripheral vision at the back of the vehicle. In addition, they will also be able to position themselves in the right lanes in order to follow navigation instructions. To ensure maximum security, these vehicles will also be able to park themselves in given areas. If the 100% autonomous car will soon be out, why can’t we drive without a driving licence in the near future?


Ruellan Guilain 

Par Technologic Vehicles
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