(VIDEO) Piaggio launches two electric bikes - Piaggio Wi-Bike


We introduced their electric bike prototype unveiled at the 2014 EICMA Show, Piaggio seek to take market shares in the electric bike market with its Wi-bike

Since the concept they have evolved and offer the Active and Comfort models from the same basis.

The power of the group has allowed to develop a number of specific features with eg a GPS anti-theft system connected 24/24 - as long as you have some battery it warns you with push notifications, then the removable control panel has a code that blocks the bicycle use. Finally a bluetooth connectivity allows a communication with your smartphone - that can be charged on the USB port of the panel.

Officially launched just a few days ago, two colors are available for each model with variants accessorized differently.

True pedelec with 250W and 50Nm of torque it assists you up to 25kph, the 400Wh Samsung battery which is removable recharges in 3.5 hours and allows 60 to 120km of range depending on the chosen level of assistance.

The Piaggio Wi-Bike has 3 levels of assistance through its variable-assist motor placed in the bottom bracket. Thanks to the fully aluminum frame its total weight is kept at 27kg!

Price starts from € 2,899 and up to € 3,490!


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