(VIDEO) Lightrider - the first 3D printed electric motorcycle 50 units at 50,000€


Here is a historical electric motorcycle, this is the first 3D printed electric motorcycle - Local Motors had already initiated the movement with the electric citycar Strati - AP Works, a German subsidiary of Airbus that specializes in 3D printing reveals a technology demonstrator named the LightRider.



With its design halfway between the motorcycle and bike with a bike fork for instance, 3D printing allows a total weight of only 35kg - barely more than a large electric bike !! Suffice to say that with a 6kW electric motor and 130nm of torque accelerations and sensations must be amazing, thanks to this unbeatable power to weight ratio!

The low weight (main enemy of electric vehicles) allows to achieve a range of 60km with a top speed of 80kph, the frame itself only weighs 6kg!



3D printing and electric vehicles seems to be the ideal combination for the future of mobility, eventhough the price factor remains ... This technology demonstrator will be produced (we welcome the production will) is reserved to an elite, only 50 units at € 50,000 (reservations open for € 2,000) but to possess such a page of history some could be tempted!


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