(VIDEO) The new plug-in hybrid Touareg presented in Beijing - T-Prime GTE


This is the Beijing Motor Show that Volkswagen has chosen to reveal the concept-car that foreshadows the new Touareg, this reveal comes with the announcement of the arrival of 7 new plug-in and electric models by 2020 on the Chinese market! 


The Beijing Auto Show, which opens today is the scene of the revelation of the revival of a flagship model for Volkswagen, the Touareg.

The T-Prime GTE concept has 4 comfortable seats and the rechargeable hybrid GTE powertrain in a powerful version of almost 400hp! Indeed, the T-Prime GTE can travel 50km in full electric or offer a combined 381hp from a TSI 2.0l and 4 cylinder gasoline engine coupled to the 100kW electric motor placed in the 8 speed gearbox.



The concept is impressive, longer and wider than its predecessor with a more sporty looks as it is slightly lower - on the emissions and consumption side VW now plays the card of transparency, highlighting the difference between the figures of the NEDC cycle (63g / km and 2.7l / 100km) and real life figures (187g / km and 7.9L / 100km).

The charge of the electric battery takes 2.5h in fast charge and 8 hours on a conventional plug.


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