(VIDEO) Shell Project M a carbon fiber micro city-car with a Smart ForTwo engine


Shell has revealed a technology demonstrator, a very efficient micro city car developed in partnership with Gordon Murray



Shell emphasizes the efficiency of gasoline engines for many years with its eco-marathon and on the other hand Gordon Murray is working on a very light and easy to produce city car called the T25 that we presented several times...

So here is the Project M that combines the experience of both and housing a Smart ForTwo engine (the 660cm3 from the previous generation) improved by the Swiss company Geo Technology for more efficiency with changes inside the block to reduce internal frictions.



This micro city-car's body is made from recycled carbon fiber and a part of its components are from 3D printing. The project M welcomes 3 people with the driver at the center, the engine develops 45hp and 64Nm for a total weight of only 550kg, therefore its tank can be kept at 22 liters. Equipped with a sequential 5 speed gearbox, top speed is limited to 145km / h with a 0 to 100km / h in 15.8 seconds.

Pure technology demonstrator, this very interesting city-car that consumes only 2.64l per 100km won't see production...



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