(VIDEO) LeECO LeSEE, the Chinese electric and autonomous sedan that targets the Tesla Model S


Teased several months ago, here are the first images of the Chinese electric sedan designed by the Chinese Netflix, LeTV, a very successful company that gives to its co-founder Jia Yueting ambitions and the money to compete with the Tesla Model S!


LeECO parent company of LeTV is dedicated to green technologies, let’s recall that LeECO via Faraday Future and their electric hypercar has attracted Aston Martin in a partnership to develop the RapidE!

So here is their electric sedan that is revealed as the Beijing Auto Show approaches
No specific details yet apart that the car will be available by the end of the decade and will be intelligent, connected and autonomous! There is also talk of a specific car sharing system ... This innovative LeSEE is not only targeting the Model S but also the Google Car!


The only information about its specifications is the maximum speed of 130mph (210kph), the name previously planned for this concept was Lecar but the name belonged to Renault...
Regarding the price of the LeSEE, the ultimate goal of Jia Yueting is that the car use becomes free! The unveiling of the car has been done obviously without driver!




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