First facelift for the 2016 Tesla Model S


While the Model 3 is still all over the web after its official reveal on April 1st, then first spotting on open roads and finally a number of pre-orders, which rose from 115,000 on the first day to 325.000 only one week later - exceeding Tesla's most optimistic forecasts... It is this time the 2016 Model S, that show up on the web!



Launched in 2012, the electric sedan Tesla Model S has received subsequently changes especially in terms of motor with the arrival of the 4WD version P85D or more recently a software upgrade "autopilot" that offers to the Model S autonomous driving features!

The year 2016 is therefore marked by the presentation of its little sister the Model 3 that will allow Tesla to make some sales volume but also a lifting for this electric sedan that already 4 years old...


Besides the design, especially the front that changes with a minimalist grille that highlights the logo, and new adaptive LED lights. Note the arrival of the "Bioweapon Defence Mode" a medical grade air filtration system that removes 99.97% of particulates, allergens, bacteria and other contaminants! Finally it now accepts 48Amps charge and there is a rumor of a 100kWh battery 100kWh!!

These changes are combined with a price increase of $ 1,500  

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