Tesla Model 3, first photos, videos and specs


We talked about it on March 17th, Elon Musk has just revealed its electric sedan for the masses, the Model 3 with  a price set at $ 35,000.


The event took place last night in California with pre-bookings that started 24 hours before ... No fewer than 115,000 cars have been ordered even before its official presentation with a deposit of $ 1000!


In the previous article we wondered if the Model 3 would rather be a compact SUV / MPV or a hatchback, it is just halfway between the two! Combining the interests and looks of the two segments with one product.



Once again Tesla emphasizes that it does not build slow cars with a 0 to 100kph in 6 seconds.


Like the Model S other levels of battery or power will be available, but for now no more details - except that the minimum range is 215 miles (346km) and for safety it aims a 5 stars at the US NHTSA.

Like the Model S, the Model 3 has two trunks and can accommodate 5 people with a flat floor, not surprising that 115,000 people have already made the step!!



For the interior note that once again you will habits will be challenged: no buttons or tachos, a minimalist dashboard, almost empty, on which culminates a large screen that gathers all the information and entertainment.


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