(VIDEO) ArcaBoard: to make a real hoverboard you need 36 propellers!


Since the first appearance of the Hoverboard in the movie back to the future, the techs geeks have always dreamed of flying one of these machines ... This impossible dream is getting closer has electric technologies are getting smaller and more efficient mostly thanks to drones!



Last year we had already presented two prototypes of Hoverboard, one free of movement, the Hendo tested by Tony Hawk and the other linked to a magnetic field the Lexus Hoverboard ...



The ArcaBoard that we present today is the most achieved known until now as the demonstration made in the video below proves that it is very maneuverable despite its very large Lego design... Indeed, you need space to fit the 36 propellers that are contained in this hoverboard for a power equivalent to 272hp!


The Arcaboard stabilizes itself automatically but can also be controlled by your movements only.
To lend credibility to the project, the company ArcaSpace can rely on more than 10 years of experience in military aircraft, drones and space.


More than a technology demonstrator, the Arcaborad is already available at a price of $ 14.9000 with even a quick charging station like electric cars reducing the full charge from 6 hours to 35 minutes!

With single person drones as the Ehang184 or Hiribo BIT, the future of traveling future seems to be high and without wheels!


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