(VIDEO) Riversimple Rasa, the hydrogen and English version of the VW XL1


At the game of minimum consumption, the Volkswagen XL1, a technology demonstrator presented in 2011 was showing the way ... At least until then! As the very efficient XL1 diesel plug-in hybrid is now challenged by the Riversimple Rasa !



If the name of Riversimple is not unknown to you it is because they presented in 2011 a hydrogen micro city car allowing to test and improve their technology, and leading to the vehicle we discover today!



This ultra aerodynamic city car is refueled in 3 minutes and offers up to 300 miles of range (483km), the (carbon monocoque) chassis itself weighs 40kg and the complete car only 580kg!

The Riversimple Rasa is powered by 4 in-wheel motors and a super capacitor to store energy from the 8.5kW fuel cell and regenerative braking.

Although the announced consumption is slightly higher than that the one of the XL1 (0.9l per 100km against 1.1l per km for the Rasa) it is on the level of emissions that the Riversimple gets ahead: thanks to its fuel cell the tailpipe emissions are 0 g / km!

The launch is scheduled for 2018.



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