(VIDEO) Manned drone Ehang 184, the future of mobility?


While all kinds of drones are sold worldwide some companies are already seeing forward with manned drones or  single person aircrafts such as in the concept e-volo or Hirobo, the company Ehang is now also part of them with a manned drone concept!



Indeed, the concept and the success of drones isn't to prove anymore and the advances of gyroscopes, and control technologies coupled with advances in electric mobility (batteries and motors) make credible in the medium term what is presented today as a concept, the Ehang184 - most likely the future of our short and medium distance transports.


Indeed the Ehang184 is a concept of autonomous drone that can welcome one passenger, it is born from the passion of two men, aviation enthusiasts, who after a crash that nearly killed one of them wanted to offer safe single person aircraft!

Officially launched in 2013 after years of research and development this Chinese company markets since 2014 drones as we know them, and they want to develop their technology on a larger scale with manned drones, the prototype in short: cockpit and four rotors.


All components are built in-house, a touch screen is used to manage vehicle functions such as temperature or even its route almost as easily as a conventional GPS!


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