Sales of electric cars in 2015 in France, range of compact electric cars to increase in 2016


While in 2015 the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoé (R240) saw their autonomy come closer to the 250km allowing the Renault Zoe to break all records in France with 60% of the market share and 10406 units sold, followed by the Leaf at 2220 units - 2017 models of the e-Golf and BMW i3 will also see their autonomy increase!



Market of electric vehicles in France, Top 5


In 2015 the market reaches a total of 17,240 units (against 10,560 in 2014 + 63%) with Zoé in the lead followed by the Leaf, BlueCar, the Ion and finally, the only non-compact of this Top 5, the sedan Tesla Model S, which stands at 4.1% market shares!

The market for electric compact cars therefore represents the most of sales, therefore range increases are expected on the largest segment of the market!



2017 BMW i3

Although the i3 may be assisted by a range extender, it was originally born as a 100% electric car, so the 200km of range will be achieved in 2017 (+50%) and will probably avoid that 60% of the i3 sold in the United States are equipped with the range extender...


2016 VW e-Golf

Despite its larger size giving it a greater versatility the e-Golf's cannot stand with the Zoé (0.7% of market shares only) ... For the e-Golf it rumors announce a 30kwH battery for 30% more range (190km has its launch) to reach the 250km barrier that will gradually establish as the benchmark in the segment!

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