France Craft, a modular and scalable platform of electric car


If you don't fit in any mold France Craft has an idea for you, this French company offers custom electric cars from an open source platform.

Presented among the cream of the French Tech at the 2016 CES in Las Vegas, these young entrepreneurs buzzed overseas with a simple and clear proposal, a resolutely modern approach to vehicle manufacturing.



First of all, if its design reminds you of something it is the F-City by FAM Automobiles launched in 2009, but France Craft pushes the basic idea to the next level into the open source and micro factory era with a maximum customization!


The France Craft Concept: Pixel XYT


Three basic modules are available, citycar, utility or taxi, from there, you can choose an electric drivetrain offering from 100 to 200km of range or hybrid (not detailed)



Then you proceed to the customization of modules and design, and chose the connected applications you need.

The assembly is done locally with the possibility for everyone to create workshops for maintenance or assembly!

Thanks to the principle of interchangeable modules, both for the powertrain and functionality of the vehicle, France Craft hopes to end the planned obsolescence and create a phenomenon of recycling.


The customer retail price is announced around € 10,000 while a "sales kit" is available at € 20,000 car included if you want to start selling the car and the concept yourself!

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