(VIDEO) The first human flight of Martin JetPack - priced at € 230,000 in 2016


The Martin Jet Pack is a single-person helicopter or jetpack like the Hirobo or the e-Volo. Designed by a New Zealander in 2008, since, the crazy idea gained ground and its commercialization is planned for next year!

Martin Jetpack is supported by the Chinese company based in Shenzhen Kuangchi Science listed on Hong Kong’s stock market, founded in 2010, it holds the majority of shares in the company, therefore the jetpack is also named Kuangchi Martin Jetpack.



After nearly 10 years of development, a pre-production version of the JetPack finally flew in public with a human on board during a demonstration flight of about five minutes in Shenzhen - but the Jetpack can also be operated remotely as a drone!

Price and specifications of the Martin Jetpack

Powered by a 200hp petrol engine the Kuangchi Martin Jetpack can fly for 30 minutes at a maximum speed of 80kph for safety, in case of damage, a parachute deploys in 0.68 seconds!

Its total weight is 200kg, it can reach up to 1500meters of altitude with a payload of 120kg, the Jetpack is already available for pre-order on the site JD.com at 1.6million Yuan price or about 230,000 €!

Note that Kuangchi Science is also its largest customers with the launch of an "Iron Man Club" that will put at disposal 100 Jetpacks to learn how to pilot this very special aircraft!


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