(VIDEO) Mellow board, recycle your old board in an electric skateboard


While we presented just a few hours NGV’s record board with a technology adaptable to any truck, here is another solution by Mellow Board, this time, we just have to change the truck to electrify your skateboard!


While the idea of quick and easy conversion in accepted in bicycles (Copenhagen Wheel, FlyKly) skateboards had escaped this wave of electrification, Mellow Board offers a solution allowing you to transform your old childhood board in a cool electric skateboard.

The idea lies in the truck (the equivalent of an axle in cars) to which is attached the battery in a special casing and an electric motor in each wheel, modular, you can also equip your skate with 2 "Mellow Drive" units to make it a 4WD.

Each Mellow Drive costs € 1,099 with a recharge in two hours, a quick charge option in 45 minutes costs 50 € more, you can also buy a complete board from them at € 1399, the range is about 15km with a 40kph max speed!


Pre order is available for three weeks, the Mellow Board has emerged after two years of development and a financing campaign on kickstarter!

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