Hyundai Ioniq, targets the Prius with hybrid, phev and full EV techs


Update of Decmeber 8th article with the video reveal of the Ioniq

Hyundai has just announced the arrival of a hybrid electric model called Ioniq, getting its name from a concept-car presented in Geneva in 2012 and which will use new battery technologies like the one presented late 2014 during a press conference.


Indeed, the brand has a full range of vehicles and know-how but apart from the electric i10 prototype or fuel-cell ix35, its range of green vehicles is limited in Europe as the Sonata Hybrid remains unavailable on our catalog! Hyundai therefore launches a global offensive with a comprehensive range of powertrains respectful of the environment available in a single model, the Ioniq which can be compared to the Toyota Prius, a unique model in the range specifically designed for clean energies and therefore an important vector of image!



This compact sedan with 5 doors which is presented in an official teaser today will be offered in hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric!

The Ioniq hybrid will be based on a 1.6 liter petrol engine, while the plug-in hybrid will receive an additional electric motor on the rear axle making it a 4WD as VW’s GTE engines, finally, the 100% electric Ioniq should offer 200km of range!

Its global launch is planned for next year with a first presentation in Korea in January 2016, followed by the Geneva Motor Show and New York!


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