(VIDEO) 95kph in electric skateboard - Mischo Erban!


We already talked about Mischo Erban with a speed record on video, this time it's on the flat with an electric skateboard from NGV Nextboard that the Canadian rider smashes a record!


The Slovenian company NGV develops powertrains for electric vehicles and chose a longboard as a demonstrator, the result is a 4WD electric longboard driven by four Scorpion motors and two Tattu 6S batteries in series.


The motors are placed in the wheels - a technology developed in-house - real prototype and proof of concept, the NGV Nextboard is capable of reaching 100kph!

The famous longboarder Mischo Erban supporting the NGV project has established a world speed record on the Portoroz airport in Slovenia with an official record set at 95.83kph!!

The company received such a welcome and significant returns after their record that they will soon sale their record board – pending, the brand reminds that their in-wheel motor technology can be installed on any truck currently available on the market, the NGV company is also working on a compact remote control that can be inserted into gloves!
Longboards riders will be able to push the boundaries of the discipline with such a technology!


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