(VIDEO) COP21 first hydrogen charging station in Paris


Air Liquide is one of hydrogen's leaders and strong supporter of this alternative energy with more than 75 stations installed worldwide and 5 in France. They just announced a first inner city charging station for a fleet of fuel cell taxis!



Indeed, the company STEP (Parisian Electric Taxi Company), a French start-up founded in late 2009 plans to deploy in the capital a fleet of taxis called "hype" that should count no less than 70 hydrogen vehicles (Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell) within 5 years!

This first station is installed in a key and significant location of the city, Cours Albert 1er near the Pont de l'Alma - only a few hundred meters from the Eiffel Tower - between the Grand Palais and Alma bridge.

The Air Liquide station allows recharging in less than 5 minutes and the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell a range of 500km

While most of inner city gas stations close, it's nice to see the development of stations for clean vehicles within the grounds of the city like the Autolib stations that allow to recharge electric vehicles in Paris without household plug!


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