2010 LA Auto Quick facts, RAV4 EV, Kia Pop, Mitsubishi I, Faurecia Smart Fit, Buick e-assist

Kia Pop update

This chrome-colored, 10-foot-long long three-seater concept car with oblong side windows is a full electric vehicle.
Its batteries developed with LG Chem, are lithium polymer gel battery, easier than others to manufacture they offer more performance than Lithium Ion, but with a 20-percent reduction in size.
18 kWh Lithium polymer gel battery
Electric engine delivering 67hp and 190Nm
Zero emissions
Length 3m (118,1 inches)
Height 1,4m (58,7 inches)
Width 1,74m (68,5 inches)
Charge time 6h (230V)
Max speed 140kph (87miles)
Range 100 miles

Here is some quick specs on the RAV4 to released in 2012 in the US

Smart key sy stem with push button start
Combination synthetic leather and fabric seating surfaces
Touch screen DVD Navigation system
Cargo volume equal to 2010 RAV4

Powerful electric motor with Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack
Zero emission vehicle (ZEV)
Class-leading driving range, acceleration, and top speed
Real world driving range of approximately 100 miles

Mitsubishi I (US name for the I-MiEV)
Appart from its larger size not much changes on the EU version
And pictures at the end of the article

Faurecia Smart Fit
Or how to never leave your seat, Faurecia launched a Smart phone app. 
Now your seat knows whats best for you and can learn massages… 

Buick e assist
Buick has released an hybrid system called e-assist that will equip the LaCrosse, here is how it works

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