Formula E: Drivers replaced by machines - Roborace


Technological showcase, the electric Formula 1 - Formula E - continues to lead the way for the future of motorsport, after a first season last year, many new circuits and world capitals - including Paris - will host this 2015-2016 Formula E season!



But a new press release announces an unexpected news, from next season 2016-2017, the cars should be able to drive autonmously!

This racing series named Roborace will take place just before the regular races, at the opening of each championship!



Audi had already demonstrated it with its autonomous RS7 set to make the best lap time on the Hockenhiem track! Besides the event which would make it the first real-life/ real-size autonomous car race, the Roborace will help develop knowledge and technology in extreme conditions with minimum response time as racing requires!

The Roborace will be developed with the company Kinetic, 10 teams will be competing with a one crowd-funded with two cars available, it will allow to further expand the aura of this electric race and place it definitely as the spearhead of new technologies for vehicles with this innovative idea!


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