Gogoro, after Taiwan, the electric scooter arrives in Europe


We presented them earlier this year on the occasion of the CES in Las Vegas, the Gogoro is an electric scooter with a battery exchange solution!


Founded by a former employee of HTC, the company had already raised $ 100 million in 2011 and Panasonic just entered its capital for $ 130 million !! Panasonic already provides the battery packs, two are housed in each Gogoro.



During our visit to Taiwan for the EV Taiwan show in 2013 we had noticed that the battery exchange solutions were flourishing in this city that has nearly as many scooters as citizens!
Indeed, Taiwan is since March Gogoro's test market  with 90 stations and 2000 scooters sold / installed since then in shops that lokk like Apple Stores!



The battery exchange stations are at the disposal of the owners, much like Tesla superchargers offering more flexibility to electric mobility, stations are placed in gas stations, grocery stores like 7/11 etc ...


In the wake, the company arrives in Europe, Holland and specifically in Amsterdam early 2016!


On the design side Gogoro is built to be easily repaired with a construction based on an aluminium frame "Aeroframe", and for customizing the front panels are interchangeable, the price is not officially revealed but be sure that we will soon hear about  Gogoro in Europe!


Via Engadget


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