(VIDEO) Lexus LF-FC - the brand's future flagship explores the fuel cell


After the concepts of 2-door coupe that Lexus presented in the recent years (LF-LC and LF-CC), the brand tests the 4-door coupe like the 6 Series Grancoupé, A5 Sportback or Mercedes CLS which launched the trend!


This concept of Toyota's premium brand benefits from the launch of the Mirai and the hydrogen technology developed to offer a more luxurious house to the fuel cell!
The fuel cell technology drives the rear wheels and two in-wheel motors at the front, the two hydrogen cylinders are placed in "T" shape, one in the central tunnel, the other, smaller, just before the rear axle for a good weight distribution!
With 5.3m the LF-FC concept prefigures a future flagship of the brand, an LS with coupe lines and the arrival of autonomous technologies and communication with other vehicles.


Hydrogen technology, BMW had already experienced it in the 7 Series a few years ago but this technology is not really highlighted at BMW recently...
For the record, the Toyota Mirai is the first hydrogen vehicle from Toyota which is designed only for this propulsion and which is sold in (small) series starting this year with first units delivered recently in England before next deliveries in Denmark, Germany and Belgium!




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