Tokyo 2015, the Leaf's future is autonomous and has 60kWh range - Nissan IDS


While a test fleet of autonomous Leaf has been launched in Japan and that the 2015 version of the Leaf announces 26% more range at 250km, it is a concept-car that foreshadows the evolution of the brand and model in the medium term that Nissan reveals on the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show!



Nissan concept car IDS, autonomous driving

The autonomous driving technology is based on sensors and radars coupled with artificial intelligence that will learn from the situations encountered, its environment and the driver.
Named Nissan Intelligent Driving, this technology is designed to compensate up to 90% of human errors! By the way it is the same technology Piloted Drive 1.0 that equips the fleet of three Nissan Leafs launched in Japan by the Advanced Technology Center south of Tokyo.


Nissan IDS, the Leaf in 2020?

The concept car receives a 60kWh battery and its body is mostly made from carbon fiber for maximum lightweight.

To maximize the range some work has also been done on the aerodynamics but for the moment no precise figures are revealed!
As a reminder Nissan plans to integrate this technology Intelligent Driving in there production models from 2020!


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