(VIDEO) Honda NSX 2016 - final specs sheet


It is through its US branch – Acura, that the series model NSX surfaces, it will be premiered at the Los Angeles Auto Show that will open its doors next month!

In development since 2012 Honda is refining its hybrid sportcar that will take over the legendary NSX!



Hybrid petrol and electric - figures

A 3.5l V6 twin turbo 24 valves, that revs up to 7500 rpm with dry sump lubrication, its power stands at 500hp and 550nm alone!
Three electric motors: at the rear a 47hp and 148nm motor / generator and a dual engine unit in front with 36hp and 73nm on each side!

A total output of 573hp and 9 speed dual clutch transmission gearbox!



Construction and driving modes

Its chassis is in aluminum in Y architecture, the rest of the body is made from aluminum and composites also note a magnetic suspension (Active Gen III magnetorheological) and a twin tank in  resin for ideal weight distribution 42/58.

These elements and their electronic management allows four driving modes: Silent, Sport, Sport + and Track this selection acts on all the car’s elements, steering, brakes, accelerator, stability control, suspension, engine and transmission!

The car whose price has not been revealed yet will be available next year in eight exterior colors and four interior!


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