(VIDEO) Morgan EV3 – Morgan’s electric three-wheeler as the range of a Nissan Leaf!


We were expecting it at GoodWood but it has been quiet there… Nonetheless the prototype of electric Morgan 3-wheeler does exist and its performance are rather interesting! Here is a focus on this car as atypical as friendly!!



The English actor Robert Llewellyn specialized in electric mobility has had the opportunity to drive it during the Cenex LCV held in England early September.

Developed in partnership with Potenza Sports Cars, this little egg shell welcomes two people, it is presented as a civilized motorcycle by John Roberts Potenza’s spokesman.


The Morgan 3-wheeler is an experience that begins as you fax yourself in as it requires the remove the steering wheel! Apparently relatively comfortable the Morgan EV3 is most of all a featherweight at 500kg - ideal for an electric car! Therefore with a battery whose capacity ranges from 9 to 18kWh (in the same footprint – thanks to high density cells) range is equivalent to the best electric compact cars of the segment 150 miles / 241km!

About power no precise figure but the prototype receives an electric motor that drives the rear wheel – Potenza is also working on a version of the EV3 which could receive two motors!
The full recharge takes 4 hours, production (in small numbers of course) is announced for next year!


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