Audi A1 E-Tron

Thanks to Justin Timberlake and the loveable Toni-Damia Ramirez we now all know that the Audi A1 exists! But Audi has also planned a electric version, the Audi E-Tron, a concept of “Mega City Vehicle” elaborated for city traffic with a small combustion engine used as a generator, the range extender. How does it work? First the car specs: It’s powered by a synchronous electric motor mounted transverserly at the front of the car. It produces a continuous 61hp (45kW) and a peak power of 102hp (75kW), torque 150Nm (110,6 lb-ft) continuous and peak 240Nm (177 lb-ft). The car is front wheel drive with a single speed transmission.
The electronic brake (brake by wire) system enables energy recuperation then sent back to the electric motor improving the overall efficiency of the car. The 380 volts Lithium-Ion battery pack has a T shape and is arranged below the floor (like in most of the electric cars) providing an ideal center of gravity and weight distribution to the Audi A1 E-Tron. Full charge from a 380 volt grid takes about 3 hours. The emission free autonomy is 50 kilometers (31,07 miles) then it can be power supplied by the range extender. To increase the autonomy, a small combustion engine (Wankel 254cc) is used as a generator to create electricity. It can be turned on or off when needed it’s fuel tank is 12 liters (3,17 US gallons).
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