Geely London Cab + = PHEV TX5


The London Taxi is one of the most iconic just as New York's Yellow Cab, therefore various companies aim to buiild its replacement (ie Metrocab) with a more updated style and tech!

Two years ago, one of the manufacturers that produces the famous Black Cab (London Taxi Company) was bought by the Chinese Geely, which has invested heavily (€ 345 million - £ 250M) to develop the future London taxi  and a local production line!


This acquisition was followed by the launch of the project TX5 in the design studios of Geely in Barcelona.
Here are the first images of that PHEV TX5 which is much more high-tech than its predecessor beginning with an aluminium body and composite panels, it can accommodate up to six people with wi-fi of course!

About the specs, this TX5 is equipped with a gasoline four cylinder and offers an electric autonomy of 50km.
Production will begin soon in the brand new - 37.000m2 - factory that features 850m2 of solar panels and 20 charging stations - with a release planned for 2017 in England but also in the rest of the world one year after!

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