(VIDEO) 1000hp electric Aston RapidE revealed


Just a few weeks ago we were presenting some of the electric luxury sedan that will flourish in the coming years following the success of the Tesla Model S, among others, we announced the development of an electric Aston Martin Rapide, here it is!

Once is not custom, it did not take long for the rumor to become true and Aston Martin unveils today a first demonstrator of its electric sedan!


In the excessiveness style, Rolls Royce had already tried with the 102EX prototype but the ambitions are much more "aggressive" here!

Nammed RapidE Concept the car has been developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering who was responsible of the Jaguar C-X75 technology...

The target set by Andy Palmer is to offer 800 to 1000hp in a production version of the RapidE that is expected on our roads by the end of 2017 already, that seems indeed very ambitious but with such means it should not be a problem:

The development of this car was made possible (and so fast) through a deal with a Chinese investor (ChinaEquity) over $ 77million, to build a premium electric sedan meeting the Chinese emissions standards to come, an electric version of the SUV DBX is also announced for 2019!



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