(VIDEO) Marty, this electric DeLorean Drifts autonomously


We have already presented some electric DeLorean, the Stanford University decided to go further with Marty, an autonomous electric DeLorean aiming for the perfect drift!



The students made the transformation of the 1981 combustion model themselves - in cooperation with Renovo Motors - pulling out the engine and placing an electric motor capable of developing 4,000 pound feet of torque or 5.423nm on the rear wheels only !

For the record Renovo had already presented an icon of the automobile with an electric supercar inspired by the Shelby Daytona and whose first units (for rich and happy customers) will arrive soon on US roads.

The idea is not only to develop a "drift-car" but to demonstrate how autonomous cars can explore the limits of the automobile to take them away from perilous situations, tests that will be used in the context of learning safety protocols.


The ultimate goal of Marty's project leader at Stanford University, Chris Gerdes, professor of Mechanical Engineering - is to have Marty drift against a pro driver to see if the technology already beats the human!


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