Scoot Electric Carsharing in San Francisco, says Hello Twizy!


Scoot, a company based in San Francisco has announced the launch of an intermodal vehicle sharing scheme with the Scoot Quad electric car based among others on the Twizy with Nissan badge the New Mobility Concept!

The Twizy which is marketed in France since 2011 is also available under the Nissan brand in other parts of the world. While car sharing schemes in France had little hold of this nice and fun vehicle: a pilot project Twizy Way and WattMobile stations placed in train stations launched last year - it's across the Atlantic that we find it!


This release allows to put a spotlight on the company Scoot Networks with the Nissan New Mobility Concept that joins the ranks of available vehicles!


Indeed, Scoot is an electric vehicle-sharing company operating mainly scooters, it has been launched three years ago with two models, a classic scooter, and a utility focused one, to diversify its range of vehicles and continue its expansion Scoot just added 10 "Twizy" to a fleet that already counts more than 250 vehicles on no fewer than 75 stations! The Twizy becomes the "Scoot Quad".

Scoot plans to develop in another American city shortly but no town name is revealed for now!


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