Yamaha’s PES2 electric motorcycle goes two-wheel drive


Still no launch date announced but the two concepts of electric motorcycles Yamaha PES1 and PED1 presented in 2013 will return for the 2015 edition of the Tokyo Motor Show!

Based on the same technology, there is a road evocation PES2 and the other more dirt the PED2 transposing Yamaha’s philosophy to an electric vehicle, with the street bike that receives a second motor in the hub of the front wheel for more power - while remaining a 125cc equivalent.

Very few informations on specs... The PES 2 weighs 130kg and PED 2 100kg, their batteries are removable for easy reloading, especially in urban areas or to allow more intensive recreational uses with several battery packs.

Compared with the 2013 concepts, weight is up by 30kg for the PES and 15 for the PED but these data also confirm a desire that goes beyond the simple concept!

As a reminder Yamaha today sells one electric two-wheeler, the small EC-03 scooter, the arrival of other models is not yet on the agenda but as these concepts proves the brand actively working on prototypes!

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