Tokyo 2015, this EV roadster is fitted with Artificial Intelligence!


As always the Tokyo Motor Show is the playground of Japanese manufacturers to introduce the most innovative and inventive concepts!

Mitsubishi will present a technology demonstrator called Emirai 3 xAUTO or XDAS, an electric roadster that inaugurates automated driving technology.

Mitsubishi has knowledge and know-how in EVs such as the i-MiEV, they will reveal a new version of a technology demonstrator presented already in 2013 the Emirai 2, an electric two-seater roadster, without doors and with faired wheels!

No info yet on its technical specifications, but the update – Emirai 3 - will usher a driver assistance technology that prefigures the one of the brand’s series vehicles by 2020.

The technology also xDAS also called xAUTO is based on the use of radars coupled with artificial intelligence that predicts the risk according to the movements of other vehicles and the road conditions.

It also introduces a 3D heads up display, finally the use of cloud data also to monitor the physical condition of the driver such as fatigue.


On the specs side at the time the Emirai 2 was already a 100% electric vehicle with 4 wheel drive and a peak power of 125kW, two motors at the front (one on each wheel for optimum handling) for a continuous 65kW and a 30kW at the rear!


The Tokyo Motor Show opens its doors on 29 October!

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