(VIDEO) Green-classic, the FluxCapacitor is the fastest electric car in Europe!


This happens in England, the English automotive journalist and presenter Jonny Smith (Fifth Gear) gave himself a challenge, turn a small electric car sold in the 70s, the Enfield 8000, to a record beater electric car!


The Flux Capacitor has showed-up in Santa Pod last week during the European finals organized by the FIA, we talked about it in an article in 2012, since, Jonny Smith is working on his electric microcar and his record - he just reached the speed of 121.11mph (194.91km/h) in 400 meters and 10.84 seconds!

FYI a Tesla Model S P85D reached 114.6mph in 11.6secondes earlier this year over the same distance ...

Find some other speed records here


Miracle of England his little electric bomb is road-legal which makes it the world fastest road-legal electric car!



The Enfield 8000 is a very rare electric microcar since, produced in the 70s in England, its price was then the double of a Mini... In total only 120 units were built and only 30 have survived!

FYI, it does not put his nose in front of the Nissan GT-R in the video record but it is has 2000hp!!


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