Toyota Midget concept a Yaris hybrid heart with a racer soul


While the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show will host the world premiere of the new Prius 2016 for the Tokyo Motor Show the Nippon brand will reveal a concept of micro hybrid sportscar!



This concept-car is much like an open-wheeler with a body, it is said to weight only 700kg with an interior architecture that can welcome 3 people, the driver in front and passengers positioned slightly behind.
About the powertrain we speak of a 1.5l engine coupled to an electric motor... That makes us think of Yaris hybrid!


For the record the Toyota hybrid city car features a 1.5l that develops 100hp and 169nm, while the Yaris weighs 1085kg it does the 0 to 100kph in 11.8sec .... So with almost 400kg less and hybrid / combustion combination that can be imagined boosted by a bigger electric motor or increased combustion engine power - or both, rumors speak of 140hp - this could make from the Midget a very funny micro sportscar!


Hard to say right now whether this car will remain a concept or if it could see the way of production but with the GT86, Toyota has returned to its sporting roots, combined it with their experience of the hybrid powertrains seems a quite likely logical suite!

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