ETT a desirable laser-cut electric scooter from New Zealand!


We just discovered the 8ight - that will be renamed ETT soon by the way - a sleek and design electric scooter, it can be summed-up by a battery pack and components housed in an aluminum laser-cut case to which is grafted a fork and swing-arm!


To get a construction simplified to the maximum with a good rigidity, the solution chose by BMW with the C-Evolution paved the way, so here's the ETT a new electric scooter from New Zealand.
Specs sheet of the electric scooter ETT
Now that you enjoyed its stunning futuristic looks here are the specs, the ETT is powered by a 2kW in-wheel motor, two double piston calipers on disc brakes, 60km of range for a recharge in 3 hours, speed is limited at 45kph and there is even a cup holder carved in the reservoir location.


The idea is to transform the electrical constraints to advantages with a frame which houses the main elements of the powertrain, including batteries and components, in the ETT even the saddle is part of the monoblock structure to which are grafted rear swingarm and front fork!

The European launch is planned in October, but no price has been announced yet, we will keep you posted! Its most direct competitor is the Exo Neutrino that we presented 4 years ago and that since evolved in terms of design, it is priced at 3499€.


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