(VIDEO) Sinecycle, a superb Chopper electric motorcycle with Zero Motorcycles powertrain


The Swiss Bruno Forcella wanted a special bike and decided to put a Zero Motorcycles powertrain in a chopper frame and the result, the first Sine Cycles, is very tempting!



Instead of spending some valuable time and run out of money and juice to develop a functional electric drive train with good performance and reliability for its electric motorcycle... Sine Cycles decided to turn to the best on the market Zero Motorcycles.

The frame is also outsourced from Cleveland Cycle Werks, the Heist frame has been chosen and modified to accommodate the electrical components that are taken from a 2013 Zero Motorcycle, the Sine Cycle can reach 120kph from 55km of autonomy to a 2.8kWh battery.



We love the mix of retro and new style with the two disc brakes, digital instrumentation and belt transmission for a silent drive with awesome looks!

Bruno Forcella is not talking about marketing or price, it is a one-off but the acclaim may push him to produce some other bikes....

As evidence the Petrolheads publications, specialized magazines have presented the Sine Cycles and it has even been presented in Custom motorcycles shows in Switzerland!


Via Gizmag

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