New Toyota Prius 2016 - first images!


Update of August 29th article with the first official images of the Prius but for now and until the September 15th reveal at the IAA no info on the specs-sheet!

While the world premiere of the new Toyota Prius is scheduled for September 8th with an official public reveal on the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the first images have just emerged on the web!



Best-selling hybrid car in the world, the Toyota Prius 2015 has much to do to take over, it is a highly strategic model for the brand with over 3,000,000 units sold since 1997 at a market of hybrid vehicles monopolized by Toyota that exceeds 8 million units sold today!



Prius 2016 - Design

While it retains its aerodynamic "fish" type profile, the exterior lights are much sleeker, in line with the Prius' latest facelifts, both at the front and back, using the codes initiated with the Miraï - hydrogen car of the brand ... This time it's not a facelift, the model is completely redesigned, including the powertrain!



2016 Prius - Tech

The new Prius is based on a new modular platform, lighter, stiffer and with a lower center of gravity (TGNA). Regarding the engine, also great things to expect but nothing official yet, we only know that the CVT box will stay and that an improvement in efficiency of 10% is announced!


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